-Building your own API Instructor “Tool Box”-

The Personal Trainer can explore, learn and add to their repertoire of training styles, and programming by ordering the Official Caveman Training™ manuals, additional reading materials, scripted forms, and numerous other tools created to help add to your trainers “Toolbox”.

The Back to Basics mindset and application offered through the membership platforms offers simple to use training scripts for the beginner to the expert trainer or coach. At API, we have the downloadable Personal Training daily log, Dynamic Stretch cheat sheet, Catalog of videos for reference, Fully Scripted Official Caveman Training™ programs, an easy to follow Master Calendar.

As a member, the API Trainer can download the Official Caveman Training™ manuals and begin offering their clients a new fitness style based on the API Energy systems. The API trainer will become proficient in Group Training with fully scripted routines. Routines with fitness goals in mind. Routines with mental toughness goals in mind.

Mental Toughness Training is a major component to our education for our API Instructors. Order your “Red Book” and learn the principles of why our designed routines are scripted with a specific purpose. Learn how to push yourself and your clients beyond their barriers and challenges. This “Red Book” will change the way you approach fitness, and more importantly life.

  • Master Calendar
  • Official Caveman Training™Manuals
  • Mental Toughness Training for Sports
  • Official Caveman Training™ Advanced Workouts
  • Official Caveman Training™ Intermediate Workouts
  • Official Caveman Training™ Express Workouts

Be sure to follow the links on the right side of the page to fast order your necessary fitness products including your Stop watch, cones, speed ladder, and more! Grab a copy of your Mental Toughness training book too!

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