Self defense seminars available for groups as large as 50 participants. Great experience and learning opportunity for schools, churches, and businesses. At API, we know that Fitness is a great equalizer for self protection and preservation. Incorporate the mental aspect of self protection for yourself, your family, and co-workers. With two decades of LE experience and a decade in Training 900 plus officers on an annual basis, let us open your mind and experiences to self protection with real world conceptual applications beyond the eye poke, and groin kick. Just like our beliefs in Fitness, “if it works we use it philosophy”, we steal from BJJ, Krav Maga, SPEAR, PPCT, Boxing (Everlast FIT MI), Sports training to bring you real world solutions.

One-Vs.-One self defense training available upon request.


Learn our patented P-A-R tactics to deal with every day situations.

This is a system centered around simple concepts of an Athletic Stance, Push/Pull, Control the head/Control the body, 2 to 1 concept. The participant will experience spatial recognition and begin plans of how to resolve confrontations that may lead to violence. Concepts will never perish. Self defense, like any martial arts is a perishable skill. If you don’t use it and practice it routinely, you will lose it.

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