and self defense are deeply interconnected. Many, if not all, self defense professionals will tell you the number one prevention or proactive thing you can do as either a civilian or a professional is to maintain a high level of fitness. For example, high Metabolic conditioning also known as HIIT, or Official Caveman Training, increases the the amount of blood stored in your body by as much as a pint or more. That pint of liquid life could be the difference between surviving a gnarly attack or bleeding out.

Ask yourself these simple questions: Do I train some combatives on a routine basis? Do I have a mental plan for how my body will react to the stress of being under attack or being placed into an extremely stressful situation?

Test yourself with these simple movements and see where you rate: Forward roll over your head several times, then roll backwards the same amount and stand up. You should feel disoriented and your horizon should be unstable. This is the same feeling you will experience should you be punched. Minus the pain in your face. What’s your next move? Do you do some Kung Fu or bum rush? Your initial response will be to resort to gross motor skill movements unless you have been training consistently. If you wrestled back in the day, you will respond like a wrestler. If you played football, you will most likely try and tackle them. If you do boxing, you will respond like a boxer. Are they correct? Yes.

Commitnoexcuses teaches P-A-R. Protect, Attack, Run. This system is simple. Gross motor skills and reduces movements to 1 or 2 counter attack techniques focusing on spatial recognition, striking, and rooted in foundational fitness. These seminars are 2.5 hours long and can be up to 50 attendees. No other equipment is needed.

Personal Self defense sessions are also available upon request. for a resume and rates.

You can use the contact button and request a resume from us so you know who you’re learning from. Conducted numerous Self defense seminars ranging from women’s self defense, to Specialty units.

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