Bags, Balls, Bells DVD Download


Download this instructional video that teaches the API Athlete and API Trainer how to use the Heavy bag, Medicine Ball, and Kettle bell in the most effective manner and incorporate them in the Official Caveman Training(TM) programs or into your own scripted workouts. Download the video to learn the proper technique and how to teach them once you master them as an athlete!



This download video will help improve how to teach your clients how to use the Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, and Heavy Bags. Watch and learn as we explain the fundamentals and best practices and uses for the three awesome modalities of training. One is great. Two is better. Three is fantastic. Incorporate these three implements into your personal and group training regiments immediately. You may know some standard boring movements. We will show you the varying ranges and uses of the three equipment as we use them in our scripted programs and energy systems. Get your BBB dvd here!!

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