Where do you draw your motivation and/or inspiration for fitness? Life? Career?

We are inundated by  every marketing program in print form, internet postings, social media, videos, etc. We tend to get numb to the words and ads, and all the noise. The same system that we teach in our classes, personal training sessions, seminars, certifications are all the same message: Mini Sets. This means breaking down the enormous task, and making it small enough to comprehend, and task it purposefully. I’ll give you an example: My boy hates writing speeches, book reports, and writing on topics that require him to research things to write. Let’s just say that’s lesson I learned from my parents and made me a better writer growing up. Nevertheless, as any 10 year old to 13 year old, he struggles with the content of the topic because it is so large. Lets take a recent writing assignment I gave him on IPOD’s (he chose it). The task was 3 pages. He couldn’t get his mind over the enormity of the topic and didn’t know where to start. SO he dragged on, whined, fussed, and just “winged” it. His paper was a disaster. He had the introduction with 2 sentences. Can you see the similarity with fitness now? No?

The topic of IPOD is GINORMOUS(Love that word!) Think about all things IPOD and what it encompasses from beginning to marketing to function to who made it, manufacturing, to what can be done with it, what generations there have been, the design and etc….

Motivation is the same. You have to focus on the smaller topic. What can you do to break down motivation into smaller, manageable topics that can be used immediately? Why am I not motivated? What is the feeling I get when I tell myself to go workout? What is my reasoning for working out?

The motivation can come from anything. The best is being inspired to do it after realizing you “want” to do it. Goals are helpful. Written programs are extremely helpful. Training partners are great.

My motivation came back to me because of the boy. He struggled with Lacrosse. Had a hard time being aggressive with team sports. But, he gravitated to boxing, and muay thai. Weird. I had taken a break from MMA and fitness training , and teaching at the Police Academy, I was tired of the long travels to the cold BJJ schools, and being sore every fucking day. I lost my desire with my day job. Hated the City. Hated the Admin. Hated everything that was going on in the divisive, polarized world. But he loved to bug me to train him. Slowly, we trained together. We did it outside when it was warm. Then trained in the garage. Then we reorganized the basement and trained there in the winter. Holding pads got me motivation. Teaching him got me motivation. His progress and eagerness to train got me motivation. Sometimes, you need to find the motivation from those around you. What’s yours?

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