I started out on this journey in 2006 as a silent partner to the original adventure called Athletic Performance Inc., I was a novice in terms of sports training, personal training, and group training. Due to our rapid growth and immediate exposure, my roles expanded and I became a certified personal trainer and mentored with my friend, business partner, and one of the greatest fitness minds in the industry, Scott Ramsdell. After 13 years our partnership went differing paths but we both left with an amazing journey and experience. Our collaboration and product is the signature system called the Official Caveman Training™. A back to basics, no frills approach to strength and conditioning based on our energy systems that separated us from the rest of the industry. These are systems that I use continuously as an athlete and a trainer today. The digital platform and new direction of Athletic Performance INTEL, is now a collection of the past, present, and future of the Official Caveman Training™ system.

The origins of the Official Caveman Training™ was due in large part to the UFC exposure we had with Sean Sherk, Brock Lesner, and many other top MMA fighters training under our training system. From this we created many group training sessions and that ultimately led to creating and conducting numerous certifications creating API Official Caveman Training™ Instructors. Over the past decade, we have certified 300 plus instructors around the world and had nearly a dozen affiliate gyms worldwide. These were the most grueling and challenging certifications consisting of nearly 30 hours of a three-day training seminar. From there we focused on group training and created nearly 150 unique and exciting Official Caveman Training™ routines that all our clients and partners experienced. At one point named Top 10 Toughest Gyms in the World by Men’s Health magazine.

This site is dedicated to the decades long collection of cheat sheets, programs, insights, and products that I believe in wholeheartedly. All these are available and suited for the Athlete, Trainer, and Gyms respectively. The personal trainer position was difficult for me because I was a novice trainer, but it became more fulfilling once my “Instructor Tool box” grew. After completing the rigorous 1st API Official Caveman Training™ Instructor certification, I began growing as a person, trainer, and athlete. Public speaking in front a large group of paying customers was a daunting task. It truly is a perishable skill and more difficult for an introvert personality with a soft voice like myself. The best trainers not only command the room, but the athletes listen, acknowledge the message, and fully accept the direction and then perform at their best level. As a trainer and coach, this is the goal each and every time. As a personal trainer, the task is hard but as a group trainer the task is far more challenging. Increase the music volume, the complexity of the movements, increase or decrease the load, reps for each athlete, and now the new novice with an old high school injury is a paying customer! Now you have organized chaos! This site is designed to give you that advantage to succeed and manage the chaos. If you’re new to personal training the Trainer tab will help you navigate scripted workouts, dynamic stretches, and start giving you a feel for how you want to be known as a trainer. If you’re a gym owner, you know the best personalities who bring the professional and meaningful growth to your clients makes your business grow. These routines will bring a different offering to your gym and the live workshops will enhance your employee’s abilities, and routines to be sharp, well organized, and fun. Great staff and personal trainers can elevate your gym profits and success. This site is designed for just that.

Alas, experienced professional trainers and gym owners are not immune to burn out, fatigue, and performing “Organized chaos” routines requires an outlet for growth and rest. I experienced that first hand as an owner, athlete, and personal trainer. The mind is the greatest asset but it’s the heart that pumps the fire and drive. Passion is a necessity and it is often hard to keep that fire lit. Especially all the time. I was given a life changing book. It is in the SHOP and if you leave here with nothing else, I hope you look at buying and reading this book. The New Mental Toughness Training for Sports by James Loeher changed the way I look at sports, training, and life in general. There is something magical when you get a 100% honest assessment of your emotional, psychological, social, and mental profile. Once you have a base or Adjectives for your personal self and Competitive self, then you have a starting point for improvement in these areas of weaknesses. The “Red Book” as our hundreds of API Instructors know is the crux of the Official Caveman Training™ system. Any trainer or novice can put together a collection of exercises and make it good. But great trainers can assemble them for a specific goal. Not just physically but emotionally, and mentally. Sounds pretty far fetched, doesn’t it? Or doesn’t belong in training? Well you’re wrong. 100 percent wrong.

IHEA (Thai for “fuck”) is the very first workout you go through at the 1st day of the certification. The goal? Break you that night, pre-exhaust you for the weekend training, confront your little voice that says “Stop”, and push right through the red zone. Even after 13 years, I can look back and smile to remember the tipping point for me. The constant pressure and the increased heart rate, lactic acid build up, the pain of the insurmountable, and only by my social anxiety and fear of peer approval pushed me through to Survive. Now after training the mind, we switch the mindset from a large insurmountable task to ATTACK. Attack the exercise. Prepare for the muscle and mental fatigue. Implement the mental plan. Chant the Mantra. Mini-sets. Breath. Attack the exercise. SMILE. Tell those around you by your body language, your inner self, the quitter, the pessimist that you got this. Smile. Breath. Push through! The mental toughness training became a critical addition to our instructor development certifications.

These lessons learned through the Official Caveman Training™ system are easily relatable to life in general. To daily stress from work, family, relationships, yourself. Scott and I continued the path of training the mind with a two day training session with John Brookfield, based out of North Carolina. Look him up. He’s the real deal and the originator and owner of Battling Ropes. John holds numerous world records and he kicked our ass with ropes, rugs, towels, and rocks. He takes a 70-100 pound boulder and clean and presses the rock. One exercise for an unlimited amount of time. To train the mind to go farther than the body. You want a free exercise routine? Clean and press a 75 pound boulder for 100 reps! I love it. One modality training that influenced my next journey in training clients, myself, and the new class of trainers. The Official Caveman Training™ Cube-CTC, patent pending, is hand crafted for durability for rigorous training as an athlete but more importantly as a personal trainer or gym owner. The CTC is the Swiss army knife of training implements. A mobile training kit that you can take to the client with over 200 exercises. As a gym owner, a new offering that can be used on any surface with the matted floors of martial arts gyms in mind.

Growth. Mentally and emotionally are not the usual goals in fitness training. The Official Caveman Training™ system is dedicated to that destination. Growth requires change. Change Demands Courage. No matter what your goals are, this site is designed with your growth in mind.


“Its never over ’til its over. Never quit fighting. Never give up. Never surrender. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how deep the pain. Persistence, Faith in yourself, and an undauntable spirit will eventually set you free.” James Loeher.

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