The Quote, “Commit…No Excuses!” originated from the mindset that if you want to train, then shut up about it, stop making plans or make excuses and just show up and train. Its simple. The story comes from my old business partner, Scott Ramsdell(, who was sick and tired of new and old clients making plans, scheduling a time, and then last minute calling to cancel with excuses. It is a tired old problem that all business owners face. Even on a greater scale, what many people in the business, education, police, anyone faces…Excuses! Hell, I remember when Brock Lesner had his “people” call and change his periodized training day. What?! You know who never changed or made excuses or deviated from their periodized SC fight programming? The Muscle Shark. Sean was the best at meeting his commitments. Never missed a one!

I digress. The slogan is important to remind me that if you START past GO, you better finish it. In business, in Life, at Work, at Jiu Jitsu, at Real Estate, in taking on a project, and really to yourself. Sounds pretty stupid? It can be. Corny? Yeah. I have seen the GO HARD OR GET THE F..OUT OF THE WAY! This is not one of those situations. Its a reminder to stay committed to what you think is important. Do you have to go 100% all the time? You can’t. But long view, the consistent ones always triumph. Quit? Sure. Pick it back up, Yeah! That’s the Commit..

My Commit is thus: I started this journey in 2006. After 5 years I wanted to be done with the gym business. I hated going to the gym and covering classes and working the business end to just slowly grow. I loved our clients. I loved our training methodology. I loved the potential we always seemed to have coming at us with new projects and new contracts. Man, did I love our clients. Fritz, Soucy, Zev, Tony, Molly, Holly, Lance, Hawk and the Intern (the list is endless and if I missed yours, you can email me and chew my ass out).

Then came the API Instructor certifications. And the 9 international affiliate gyms. Our signature gyms in Texas, and Montreal. Josh and Holly, who were all in from the beginning, to Fred, and Jim and Jill, even Megan O, and Gump! The UFC Gym certification and the crazy swedes to our english bloke. Raz, you crazy son of a bitch, MMA fighter in the UK!!! Shana, and Travis, Zak. The USMC Poolees every year to the trips to Camp Ripley, to BJ’s birthday marathon run and all of our past fighters. The best were our past trainers and instructors who fell in love with our Official Caveman Training™ system too. They became great Instructors in spite of us. Damien, and Ben, to Tiffany, to Caleb, Ryan and Kaitlin. Our reach was wide and deep. The one consistent was our training system. We strayed away from the Back to Basics philosophy and chased the new trends and new shiny objects even though we had the best damn program here. I fell in love with this style of training. I fell in love with the way the API Instructor certification made us better trainers and the best group and personal training instructors. I know all our past clients miss our brick and mortar gym and classes and have struggled to find something close to scratch that itch, that euphoria and excitement of accomplishment after given an insurmountable task after the dynamic stretch. OH GOD WHAT IS THE TRAINING TODAY?!!! My Commit is to share my experiences and keep that love I have for the Official Caveman Training™ because it never gets old or outdated. It is always adapting and changing but the core programming is solid. As an Athlete, as a Trainer, as a Gym owner I hope you find as much passion in this site as I have had in the past 13 years accumulating the knowledge and pictures, friendships, partnerships, and memories of API.


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