Certifications and Seminars

Dates/Times/Location TBD

In the past we held a 3 day certification but I think we honestly missed the mark on transitioning the participant to the API Instructor. It was challenging and difficult but the real “essence” of the training was lost due to physical fatigue, anxiety, and peer pressure. This 2 day, 10-12 hours certification is streamlined for maximum benefit. Historically, we have held seminars and API Instructor certifications in numerous gyms including UFC GYM in Concord, API Texas-Tyler, API Virginia Beach, and a whole gaggle of them in the Twin Cities. We’ve even done seminars on Fort Bragg, NC, Camp Ripley, MN, and even so far away as Australia. But we don’t talk about that much since they stole our name but never really got the true meaning of fitness and “Real Caveman Training”. But that’s a whole different Blog!!!!

Back to the Certifications:

  • You will learn how to speak confidently in public and in front of groups.
  • You will learn how to demonstrate the API Dynamic Stretches, and each exercise you are demanding of your clients to be displayed perfectly by you.
  • You will learn Time Management and how to effectively use the stop watch; Running time, or Start/Stop time? Rest can be an ally or a crutch. You decide how your clients benefit from it.
  • You will learn spatial recognition and how to make formations to your advantage and most importantly: SAFETY!!
  • You will learn every program we have on this site including how they differ from energy systems, to Tempo, to Rest time.
  • You will learn how to undulate a program by regression/progression for differing fitness levels in one class.
  • You will learn the concepts of Modality Training and how integral they are with API Energy Systems and our routines. This includes:
    • Kettle bells (KB)
    • Battle Ropes (BR); Waves and Pulls
    • Bar Bell (BB)
    • Med Ball (MB)
    • Dumb Bell (DB)
    • Heavy Bags (HB)
    • Jump Ropes (JR)
    • MMA Training (punch/kick/Ground)
  • You will learn how to use our Free Toolbox items to your advantage and maximize your sessions for Personal Training.
  • You will learn and experience IHEA! And then be able to share that glorious feeling of the Attacking Mindset to your gyms and clients.

If successful….

You get a Certification. Maybe some CEU’s for your Fitness Credentials. Maybe a cool Tee Shirt, more likely a cheap sticker. Your own copy of the Red book. A greater understanding of how little I actually know and how you can add to your own toolbox as a person, and a fitness professional. I’m not an expert. I’ve been in the fitness game a long time. Owned a ton of gyms and closed them too. But, I do have some experience and first hand knowledge of what I believe is the best damn program on the planet. I didn’t day fitness program. This is a Program designed to maximize 2 days of Instructor and Professional development, using the Official Caveman Training™ as the back bone of training.

Our Signature Gyms will be our host depending on interest. Or we can come to your gym too.

API Texas-Longview

Silver Back Fitness, NC

Contact us with questions, or comments or if you’re an old certified API Instructor from around the world, send me an email too! info@commitnoexcuses.com

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