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Commitnoexcuses.com is intended to provide top of the line training to Athletes, Trainers, and Gyms worldwide through our digital platform. The system of the Official Caveman Training™ is the back bone of the programming.
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Athletic Performance Intelligence (API) is the home to the Official Caveman Training™ system. The “Back to Basics” training philosophy that created modern day training styles like today’s MMA Fitness training. HIIT, and metabolic conditioning is rooted here. API did not create the style, we only perfected it. Our Official Caveman Training™ Energy Systems include:

  • MP/CP “Muscular Power/Cardio Power”
  • ME/CE  “Muscular Endurance/Cardio Endurance”
  • MS/SPAG  “Muscular Strength/Speed and Agility”

The Master Calendar Tab is your home source for your API Energy System. Let the guessing game stop and follow along to what you should be working on.

We will push you into the “RED ZONE” and beyond!! These challenging programs can be used in a group training setting, or individualized workout. They are extremely fun and addictive. The Official Caveman Training™ system is rooted in the belief that nothing is out of bounds. If it works, we use it! If there isn’t a fitness equipment for our goals, we will make it. The Official Caveman Training™ has influences from Olympic lifting, Strong man, Boxing, MMA, HIIT, but deeply rooted in Athletic Sports Strength and Conditioning. There are many pretenders, but unless they can explain “IHEA!”, they are not the Official Caveman Training™.

Athletic Performance Intelligence wants to share these programs with you and allow the athlete, personal trainer, and gym owners worldwide to learn, train, and share them too. They are some of the most fun, and grueling programs that will push your body, mind, and emotions farther than any other program out there.The individual API Athlete can experience a fully scripted cardio and strength programming. These include videos, and instructional daily programming. Further, the library of exercise videos will assist those willing to learn and add new exercises to their regiment.

The API Personal Trainer can explore, learn and add to their repertoire of training styles, and programming by ordering the Official Caveman Training™ manuals, additional reading materials, scripted forms, and numerous other tools created to help add to your trainers “Toolbox”. The Gym owner/manager can train their staff and trainers with live Seminars in our patented 16 hour Official Caveman Training™ Instructor Certification. Participants will learn clock and group management in our Energy Systems and scripted workouts.

Due to the popularity and fitness connection, API offers Self Defense seminars upon request. Go to the Seminars Tab and click on the link for more information.

Free Workout for Quarantine time!
Look at the organization and interchange the exercises for the equipment you have:
Ex: Legs are either a squat or a push or a swing
Cardio: Use what ever equipment you have. Body weight is great! Grab your life partner a go!